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Errol's background

Errol describes himself as a Dutch (Klaarwater, Hoppe(n/r), Polish (Zaborowskij / Zabriskie), French Huguenot (Deyo), German (Schoonmaker) American (Clearwater), Scottish (Stevenson), English (Geary), Irish (Thompson, McAteer, McFadden) Kiwi. Although a little over 50% Irish, Errol sees himself as a citizen of the world who was fortunate enough to be born in New Zealand.

The Klaarwater, Hoppe, Zabarowskij, Deyo, and Schoonmaker families were all early settlers in the US. The families had their original home in the New York / New Jersey area. Two of the Deyos were patenttes who signed an agreement with the native Americans for land in New Paltz, New York. The Hopper's ran businesses in New Amsterdam, now the financial district of lower Manhattan.

Garratt Hopper Clearwater (great-great-grandfather) came to New Zealand in 1838. Anne Stevenson (great-great-grandmother) arrived on the Phillip Laing in 1848. William Geary (great-great-grandfather) came to New Zealand in the early 1840s after being transported from Derby for stealling wheat with his father. All Errol's ancestors on the Thompson side migrated from Ireland.

Marilyn's background

Marilyn has three out of four grandparents of English descent (Guy, Pearce, Willers). The fourth is of Scottish descent (Reid). The Pearce family was on one of the first boats (Amielia Thomson) in to New Plymouth in 1842. Francis Samuel Guy (great grand-father) came to New Zealand in 1870s. Both maternal grand-parent's emigrated as young adults.