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Exploring what we mean by program(me)?

We use the term "program" (American spelling) or "programme" (UK spelling) in a wide range of contexts. So what do we mean when we use the term and how does our understanding of a program(me) carry over into our understanding of computer programs and the development of such programs.

In these pages, we will use the American spelling (program) when we are referring specifically to programs written for computers to execute. We will use the UK spelling (programme) when talking about other forms of programmes. When we want to include both forms of program(me) we will use the spelling with the last me bracketted as used in this sentence. This distinction is used to make it easier to determine the type of program(me) that we are talking about.

Examples of program(me)s

The first group of examples have been classified as program(me)s. Review them and come to your own conclusions as to why they are described as program(me)s.

Used in a course, this would be linked to a discussion forum so that students could discuss why these were or were not program(me)s.